Silent tears of one, 
the anguish of many
and we can’t break free 
from the vice-like 
clutches of cannibals
strewn throughout our
lives, poised to devour all
we would be….
                                    …. yet, we still try to love. 
Like forty quintillion
atoms concealed within
a speck of sand, we’re
collateral expressions of a 
tenfold multiverse whipping
us through faster than light 
expansion, careening toward a
phyletic convergence into critical
mass consciousness—ending
our quest for more humane
gods whom we cleverly conjured
to pamper us—just so much
chatter entangling our 
                                          …. a compassioned humanity 
                                          is our neo-deity.


© Rob Taylor, 2020


Original artwork ©Rob Taylor, 2021

“There is a distinction between individual growth and the common spiritual direction of the human species: the general and the particular. The general describes spiritual effort that attempts to induce changes to conditions outside the self, without any effort toward inner transformation. This approach is detrimental to the spiritual culture of the species. The particular effort recognizes that all strong spiritual movement ensues from first working inwardly, then outwardly.”

Taylor, Rob. The Irreducible Primary: A Dialogue on Nature, Spirituality, and the Human Condition (p. 51). Rob Taylor. Kindle Edition.