Northern Moons

Northern Moons
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Genres: Inspirational, Meditation, Metaphysics, Mind and Body, Poetry, Spiritual
Tags: compassion, gratitude, humanity, love, meditation, metaphysics, mind, mindfulness, nature, poetry, Recommended Books, spiritual, spirituality
Publisher: Rob Taylor
Publication Year: 2018
Format: Hardcover, Paperback, eBook
Length: 113 pages
ISBN: 9781999460402

What are we doing to ourselves? We are losing touch with our understanding of and compassion for each other. The human species is struggling in an artificial environment; a fabricated reality engineered and controlled by a statistically insignificant fraction (approximately 1/ 100000) of the global population.

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About the Book

With fifty new, original poems, Northern Moons emerges as a continuum to Rob Taylor’s previous books. The spiritually-based essence of Taylor’s poetry speaks to the layers of consciousness that compose our soul. Each line is constructed (regardless of content or perceived context) as an inspiration for the reader to engage in a mindfulness approach to understanding the dynamics and worth of human influence across the spectrum of creation. The outcome of that effort is a greater capacity for love of each other and eventually cultivating a “human” community.

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