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Inner Works coaching/counseling appointments will only be available online, via GoToMeeting, during the COVID-19 mitigation effort. I will provide easy-to-use meeting links for each session. All sessions will be recorded and a copy provided to the client without additional charge.

Spirituality metaphysics is specific to complex phenomena by which human beings influence each other and nature through the process of thought energy. We trace the origin of every individual thought to a triggering observation. By involving principles of spiritual metaphysics we learn to manage the causal dynamics of our observations while continuing to expand our inner structure or consciousness.

Spirituality Counseling

Spirituality is the effort by which an individual becomes spiritual. Spirituality counseling involves a deep dive into “apparent” related concepts such as the brain, mind, thought energy, consciousness, subconsciousness, and the soul. What’s real and what’s not. How much do we really need to know about these concepts to effectively engage our spiritual journey? An individual should have a clear focus on what she or he wants to achieve

Inner Work Coaching

Consciousness is the awareness of influences, and inner work is the management of those influences. A human being’s decisions around how she or he is influenced, and how to influence, are wholly the domain of inner work. Functional inner work requires the human being to become her or his own experiment, simultaneously fulfilling the roles of the observer and the observed. This form of internal examination reveals the necessary requisites for spiritual growth and thereby nurture a profound comprehension of self.

Meditation Coaching

Valid spiritual growth is not possible without meditation and inner work. “Valid” describes the condition in which a human being is perceivably shifting through the process of authenticating herself or himself as an endless energy source of unconditional love. Meditation and inner work are the conscious disciplines by which an individual derives the vital experience of how she or he is influencing all of creation.The core meditation practice relates to the expansion of individual consciousness. Other forms of meditation specific to healing, self-love, mindfulness, etc., are also explored in parallel to the core meditation.

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